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Company For Mental Health Timeline Journey


Learn more about the history of IMANNI MUSIC

What makes IMANNI MUSIC unique is not in the songs that we create, but the wholesome packages that we provide for our customers. So many artists are so into the making of music that they forget that their audience is human with lives. IMANNI MUSIC realizes that artists need to step it up for their audience. People expect more because they deserve more. That's why IMANNI MUSIC is all about creating a full complete experience for our customers. IMANNI MUSIC does not create products or services, we create experiences that you remember, and keep remembering.

IMANNI MUSIC is organized. IMANNI MUSIC is passionate. IMANNI MUSIC is persistent past failures. IMANNI MUSIC is more human than company. And IMANNI MUSIC knows how to evolve, adapt and grow. Our growth mindset sets us apart from companies that want to get rich fast and relax. IMANNI MUSIC has a “new beginnings” mindset that allows us to reach our goals, and never stop climbing for new ones. For us, we aren't over until everybody, yes EVERYBODY, sees mental health as important and something to strive for.

IMANNI MUSIC does not have competitors. It's as simple as that. We have allies and we have acquaintances. There are people out there who are in it only for the money and then there are people out there that are in it to make a change for the world. We are with the people who are making a change for the world. The people who are just in it for the money, we're not with, and they're not with us. We’re not with them, we see differently, we avoid each other: if they get in our space we tell them to get out of our space if we get into their space, they tell us to get out of our space, it's as simple as that. You see, there was never a game where both of us were in the same court trying to shoot the same ball into the same net. No, we play on different fields because we have different missions, and the people that we play on the same field with our all our allies, and we support our allies. We hype them up; we plug them in whenever we can because good energy creates more good energy and we're in the business of good energy.
There are artists around the world that are creating music for the benefit of humankind and not for themselves. There are companies around the world trying to save the world from its own destruction. There are venues that are pushing for new musicians with new different sounds so that people can become more educated in a diversity of music. There are schools teaching people how to live better lives and feel more satisfied with their life choices. These are the people that IMANNI MUSIC supports. These are our allies. IMANNI MUSIC believes that customers are drawn to who they need when they need it. So if a customer needs to come to us for a few years and then go on to another artist, or another company, or another community then we congratulate them because we celebrate growth for our customers. Some customers grow toward us, some customers grow out of us. Nonetheless, we are simply a vessel towards moving people in the right direction.

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