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Finding Mental Health Solutions Through Music


IMANNI MUSIC was created to be a resource for people to find refuge from all the stresses, the tribulations, and the struggles in life and have a spot where they can listen to music that has a meaning, an impact, and can really move your life in a positive direction for your mental health.

IMANNI MUSIC wants to reach everyone no matter what stage in life or history they have with mental health, but the people who are going to get the biggest impact from what IMANNI MUSIC does are the people who are currently just learning about mental health, just realizing that “hey maybe I should actually take some time and improve my mental health”, for the people who are looking to start making some big lifestyle changes in their life. This is a space for the movers and shakers. This is a space for you to kickstart your adventure, your journey, and your new direction with a community, tools and entertainment that will make the experience truly one to remember.

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