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Immanuel Mellis

Singer-songwriter & business owner

Immanuel Mellis

Hi! I'm Imanni Mellis, I write music for mental health awareness! I'm passionate about writing R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Instrumentals that promotes mental health awareness. Dive into my website (you may be surprised on what you'll find! You'll discover a musical journey of soul-stirring melodies, music videos, and special content, all designed to help bring you more fulfilling and empowered days. I founded IMANNI MUSIC LLC in the start of the year of 2023 (January 31st, 2023). As an artist, my mission is to create empowering messages, write poetic lyrics, and compose emotive songs that speak to your mind body and soul. Join me in this journey by leaving a message below 😊

Have a mentally healthy day 👋

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