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FAQs are updated weekly with new information 📝, insight, photos 🖼️, videos 🎥, and other helpful materials so that your experience with IMANNI MUSIC is accessible & memorable 😇
  • What is your story? Like as Imanni and all?
    The IMANNI MUSIC story starts out with a boy who is overwhelmed with his life to the point that he wants to end it all. However, he decides at his critical moment that he wants to try to live life again through music before he dies, and with that motivation, IMANNI MUSIC was born. The story moves quite quickly from there. I started out working with a therapist to learn how to enjoy music again then, after I was able to enjoy music for myself, I started working on writing music for myself, and being okay with sharing it with others. I worked a lot on being more vulnerable and eventually I got to the point where I wanted to share my entire “mental health experience” so far with the world, so I created my first album “Anti-depressants and Anxiety Meds”. After the first album was created, I knew I was on the right path. I was making an impact. People would come up to me and tell me how the songs affected them, and how they're thinking about mental health differently, and how they really didn't understand what the mental health medical system was like until I started explaining it in public. I was eliminating stereotypes, I was breaking down barriers, and I was becoming the light I always dream to be. And today, I still reach to become this light, and to become brighter and brighter every day.
  • What's your best advice for living a happy valuable life?
    My best answer: "Keep It Simple Silly" ​When I started thinking about values I literally overthought the living daylights of it. I researched, I compiled, I started writing documents. It was so much, and honestly too much. A valuable life, similar to finding value in music and poetry, is enjoying the simple. Life becomes complex when you add layers and layers of reasoning to "why" and "how" you do things. The IMANNI MUSIC code of ethics is simply to love others the way that you would want to be loved. The old golden rule has yet to tarnish! We believe this simple truth is what makes life a happy experience and truly valuable.
  • What is your SMS Privacy Policy
    Your benefits: convenient text message reminders / offerings that are only active when you sign up! Agreement: By signing up for SMS communications from us, you agree to receive text messages (charged the same as any messages received from a friend or family member over phone). If you'd like to stop the messages, just send STOP. Only completed SMS forms will allow you to receive messages. To know more about SMS text messaging, please click the contact button on the bottom right of the website, or at the appropriate contact location on the app. Have a mentally healthy rest of your day! 😊
  • What is your Emailing Policy
    Super simple! There's a button at the bottom of every email to opt out. Just click that and BIM-BAM-BOOM you're free! 🤩 PS We hope you stay though, because we love talking to you ❤️
  • How can I submit a question for FAQ?
    That's a great question! The website is currently being renovated. When completed, I'll put the link in here. For now, any "feedback" form you see, feel free to drop a question right there! Not quite the answer you were looking for? Sorry if so, feel free to email me at for more questions! Have a mentally healthy rest of your day 👋
  • How does IMANNI MUSIC create valuable community experiences?
    Our goal is to provide a community that can brainstorm and create solutions that we didn't even think was possible because we realize that it takes a village to raise a babe. In the same way, it takes a community to change a society’s mental health.
  • Does IMANNI MUSIC have competition?
    IMANNI MUSIC does not have competitors. It's as simple as that. We have allies and we have acquaintances. There are people out there who are in it only for the money and then there are people out there that are in it to make a change for the world. We are with the people who are making a change for the world. The people who are just in it for the money, we're not with, and they're not with us. We’re not with them, we see differently, we avoid each other: if they get in our space we tell them to get out of our space if we get into their space, they tell us to get out of our space, it's as simple as that. You see, there was never a game where both of us were in the same court trying to shoot the same ball into the same net. No, we play on different fields because we have different missions, and the people that we play on the same field with all our allies, and we support our allies. We hype them up; we plug them in whenever we can because good energy creates more good energy and we're in the business of good energy.
  • What makes IMANNI MUSIC so good at what we do?
    IMANNI MUSIC is organized. IMANNI MUSIC is passionate. IMANNI MUSIC is persistent past failures. IMANNI MUSIC is more human than company. And IMANNI MUSIC knows how to evolve, adapt and grow. Our growth mindset sets us apart from companies that want to get rich fast and relax. IMANNI MUSIC has a “new beginnings” mindset that allows us to reach our goals, and never stop climbing for new ones. For us, we aren't over until everybody, yes EVERYBODY, sees mental health as important and something to strive for.
  • Does your brand have a voice? Is that a thing?
    Our brand voice is excited, optimistic, and motivated. If we're ever talking about something negative we try to balance it out with a “but”. We are almost always excited because life is super exciting. If you don't grab it by the reins and take a hold of your life, it might feel wild and crazy, but when you actually do take on all the good stuff in the bad stuff that comes with living, you realize that “yeah that's life is pretty good”. We love jokes, we love dark humor, we love irony, and we love wordplay. Life is too dark and too hard not to laugh, so humor is second nature to us.
  • I'm new here. What is your brand personality?
    IMANNI MUSIC is a positive, lighthearted, optimistic company that does what we preach: we like to think of our personality as presenting positive motivational human character. If a plus sign with a smiley emoji was a personality, that would be ours.
    Immani Music was created to be a resource for people to find refuge from all the stresses, the tribulations, and the struggles in life and have a spot where they can listen to music that has a meaning, an impact, and can really move your life in a positive direction for your mental health.
  • What’s different about IMANNI MUSIC products compared to other products?
    What makes IMANNI MUSIC unique is not in the songs that we create, but the wholesome packages that we provide for our customers. So many artists are so into the making of music that they forget that their audience is human with lives. IMANNI MUSIC realizes that artists need to step it up for their audience. People expect more because they deserve more. That's why IMANNI MUSIC is all about creating a full complete experience for our customers. IMANNI MUSIC does not create products or services, we create experiences that you remember, and keep remembering.
  • What principles and values guide IMANNI MUSIC as a company? What are IMANNI MUSIC’s code of ethics?
    The IMANNI MUSIC music code of ethics is simple because when you create something complex, it doesn't allow room for a change. Our code of ethics is to treat others the way you want to be treated, to love others the way you want to be loved, and to help others the way you want to be helped.
  • How does IMANNI MUSIC provide you with valuable music?
    Our goal is to provide you with music that makes a difference. Music that speaks to you in ways that no other person could speak to you in. Music that can penetrate through all the hurt and pain you feel and give you a solution that breaks you out of the dark.
  • Who is IMANNI MUSIC trying to help?
    IMANNI MUSIC wants to reach everyone no matter what stage in life or history they have with mental health, but the people who are going to get the biggest impact from what IMANNI MUSIC does are the people who are currently just learning about mental health, just realizing that “hey maybe I should actually take some time and improve my mental health”, for the people who are looking to start making some big lifestyle changes in their life. This is a space for the movers and shakers. This is a space for you to kickstart your adventure, your journey, and your new direction with a community, tools and entertainment that will make the experience truly one to remember.
  • What's your best YouTube video so far?
    Hi! This is Imanni! My best YouTube video out right now is "When We Grow Up" the music video. I attached the video in this response! If you want to know more about this song feel free to message me 😄 What do you think of this song? Do you think another song should have performed better? I'd love to hear your thoughts For now, have a mentally healthy rest of your day 👋
  • How can I connect with you outside of the website?
    I have various links to our other platforms! I love hosting you at my little website because we get to curate the entire experience to be as accessible and interactive as we can! Nonetheless, I too spend time on other website and social media platforms and a great time! Here's some links to other platforms I'm on: Link Tree (the link that has all the others lol) Specific Location Links: LinkedIn Facebook Personal Facebook Business TikTok Instagram Twitter Snapchat YouTube
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