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Audio Mixer: Sound Engineering Entry Level

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Freelance Work To Hire Monthly Contract

About the Job

Mixing includes (but is not limited to) gain staging, balancing, equalizing, compressing, adding other dynamic processors, adding delay & reverb, panning, adding other FXs, utilizing tools, ensuring cross device quality, etc. Overall, transforming the raw audio into an audio experience worth listening to!

Mastering will not always be required. Mastering includes (but is not limited to) making final audio corrections, bouncing audio, etc.

Everyone on this team has a unique sound, design, or mind! audio mixers have been selected because of their unique creativity. Please communicate your ideas and be open to acceptance, compromises, and rejection of your ideas. Growth is important in IMANNI MUSIC and we never want to stop growing!
*Note: if interested in providing compositional insight, please ask singer-songwriter (myself) before pursing (due to copyright / royalty / other legal financial distribution reasonings)

Timeliness of production is important. A balance of quality and quantity is also important. The speed of production will be discussed and will evolve as we find what quality audiences are looking for, and at what speed they're demanding it.

As an audio mixer, you will be the voice of IMANNI MUSIC, presenting the brand of the company and directing audience attention. Your role is important, but it is just as important to have fun in your job (as the best creations typically come from a happy mind).

Access to Logic Pro is a plus but is not required. It is recommended to be using a professional software/equipment due to the time demands of IMANNI MUSIC's audiences. The work involved is very independent, so please be ethical with your time. Honesty is the best policy. Every team member's efforts reflects future payments -- so when you sit down for however long it may be, give it your all!


IMANNI MUSIC audio mixing requires attention to detail and creative insight. The composition will be provided to you as raw audio files or as pre-mixed audio files, provided for you from the singer-songwriter/co-producer (currently myself, Immanuel Mellis). Your job will be the mix the audio files into a musical masterpiece!

About the Company

IMANNI MUSIC LLC was created to be a resource for people to find refuge from all the stresses, the tribulations, and the struggles in life and have a spot where they can listen to music that has a meaning, an impact, and can really move your life in a positive direction for your mental health.

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