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Digital Archivist: Coding Entry Level

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Freelance Work To Hire Monthly Contract

About the Job

Your job as an automator will be to optimize the filing, organizing, and reviewing of material via macros and other coding to create the most optimal workflow for the company. The goal of automating is to eliminate as many mundane activities as possible to create more room for creative activities. Communication of said automations will be crucial in terms of simple document reports, drawings, and direct communications with team members (such as with myself, Immanuel Mellis).

Your job as a filer will be to rename and organize raw information (such as notes), documents, visual media (photos/videos/etc), and audio media (music/voice recordings/etc) into appropriate locations that will allow for easy access for other team members (such as the film editor(s)).

Your job as an organizer will be an extension of your filing and reviewing -- presenting information in its most efficient way for easy access and quick understanding of the material at hand.

Your job as a reviewer will be to test previously filed and organized material against another website to determine applicability / functionality / etc. For example, archivists will sometimes be tasked to look up songs on to test if the song has been registered with the company.

When both myself and the archivist are available, the archivist(s) and myself will have video conferences where we will work together to complete tasks.

As an archivist, you will be the backbone to all IMANNI MUSIC operations, allowing the company to perform faster and with higher quality than ever before!

Even though it is not required, it is a plus to have Google AppScripts and Javascript experience.


IMANNI MUSIC digital archiving requires attention to detail, creative problem solving, and coding skills. The music producer(s) and film producer(s) will provide you with raw content that will need to be filed / organized / reviewed (the current music & film producer roles mentioned are done by myself, Immanuel Mellis). To maintain organization, digital archivists are required to know how to write basic code and use digital resources to expedite, optimize, and improve.

About the Company

IMANNI MUSIC LLC was created to be a resource for people to find refuge from all the stresses, the tribulations, and the struggles in life and have a spot where they can listen to music that has a meaning, an impact, and can really move your life in a positive direction for your mental health.

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