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Marketer: Social Media PR Entry Level

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Remote: Work From Home

Job Type

Freelance Work To Hire Monthly Contract

About the Job

Your job as an advertiser will be to gather and transform raw information (such as notes and messages), documents (such as monthly reports and business journals), visual media (photos/videos/etc), and audio media (music/voice recordings/etc) into their appropriate advertisements (many times combining mediums) that will provide audience members interactive, accessible, and meaningful experiences with the business.

Your job as a communicator will be an extension of your advertising and posting -- presenting information in its most efficient and concise way and optimizing information to work with the algorithms of the software at hand (such as using hastags, specific titling, etc). Communications is your most important role as a member of the team. Many times you will have to find creative solutions to problems via communications.

Your job as a poster will be to publish content and their respective advertisements (please note 'Ads' include paid and unpaid ads (or indie)). Sites may include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon, individual organizations, individual people, etc. Posting may also require social trends research to ensure posts are sent to the best group of people at the best time for them to receive it. Posting decision making should be able to be communicated (such as defining the target audience, speaking about prior content reach, etc) to manager (myself, Immanuel Mellis), as needed.

Other roles include meeting with the manager to discuss ideas and actions, as needed.

As an PR / Marketing agent, you will be one of the forerunners to all IMANNI MUSIC operations, directing how the world seeing the business, our goals, and passions. Through you and the team we'll be able to help spread mental health awareness to a greater sum of people!

Even though it is not required, it is a plus to be able to solve advanced communications dilemmas (such as improving dissemination of information, risk management, crisis communications (as needed), marketing analytics, marketing projections, and fundraising solicitations). Having a film editing applications (like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc) is also a plus.


IMANNI MUSIC Social Media (and other digital communications platforms) requires creativity and communication skills. The music producer(s) and film producer(s) will provide you with raw content that will need to be transformed into ads / posted as available content / and labeled with the right tags and descriptions to provide the best search engine results (the current music & film producer roles mentioned are done by myself, Immanuel Mellis).

About the Company

IMANNI MUSIC LLC was created to be a resource for people to find refuge from all the stresses, the tribulations, and the struggles in life and have a spot where they can listen to music that has a meaning, an impact, and can really move your life in a positive direction for your mental health.

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