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Behind The Scenes Interview With Honeybee Artist Sarah Turner

Honeybee Cover Art

Hi again! My name is Sarah! And this is my Artist Diary for how I created the beautiful Honeybee artwork series!

Honeybee, the second piece in the series, has been by far the sweetest of the concepts and also required the most amount of revisions.

When I first spoke with Imanni, he told me he wanted to create a story through his artwork. He wanted to create a visual series where new people looking to improve their mental health could step into his storybook and find where they are in their personal journey, and walk along with his experiences, learning about mental health in the process!

Imanni: I was inspired by the band Gorillaz and everything they do with animated storytelling through music. It was so exciting waiting for their next release, it was like a new movie was about to drop. I want to garner this excitement for my fans as well to help people feel excited about mental health.

As Imanni’s first “non-artist” character in his mental health story, I wasn't quite sure who Honeybee should look like – only that I knew she had to have that "Main Female" feeling

When I created “Honeybee” I knew she needed to be both feminine and strong, with golden tones like the sunlight had been shining through her the whole time

Imanni: when I first wrote “Honeybee” I was really writing about myself, but I want this artwork to be showing something deeper than that. I want it to not only be about introspection but giving and helping others in their path to a lovelier mental health.

It’s not that “Honeybee” needed someone to tell her where to go and how to be who she is, she just needed someone to show her that the journey is full of flowers if she were only to turn around.

My big take-away: Sometimes the words of others can be a shackle on our true selves, and I commend Imanni on wanting to share that we ourselves could slip them right off if we choose.

As such, we went through several looks of our Honeybee until Manny found a woman on a free stock photo site with a smile like the sun.

Imanni: I was super nervous when Sarah asked me to ask if any of my friends could send me a picture of themselves for artwork. Looking back, it wasn’t a big request, but it was nerve wracking nonetheless. I asked some friends, some people got back to me well, some just didn’t respond.

Imanni: Eventually, I went with Sarah’s second idea: find a stock photo! This was a lot easier (in terms of my social anxiety), and I found these beautiful pictures of an amazing African American women models, and picked the woman in blue below:

Inspiration Photo 1:

Inspiration Photo 2:

Inspiration Photo 3:

Inspiration Photo 4:

Inspiration Photo 5:

Inspiration Photo 6:

Imanni sent me photos and she was perfect! I can only hope I did her beauty some justice. Some part of me mourns not knowing her real name. Partly because I wish we could give her credit, and also because I would love for her to know that her smile was the inspiration for our sunny Honeybee.

Imanni: We hope that you can support this beautiful actor by visiting her images on Pexels using the links above and dropping a small tip. It would make a world of difference for her and she does provide public domain images to small businesses like IMANNI MUSIC to create impactful projects like this one.

Do any of you guys know who she is? Drop us a message! We would love to know our Honeybee!

Thank you for reading my Artist Diary! Use the link below to contact me directly!

How do you feel when you listen to "Honeybee"

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