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Healthy Social Media Practices | IMANNI Music Diary #29

A Music & Mental Health Diary Entry

Today we'll be talking about:

MENTAL HEALTH: Warm Lines, Consultation, & Eating Right! |

MUSIC: New Project: Rest & Relaxation R&R Music |

MUSIC BUSINESS: Social Media: The New Online Mall |


Dear Diary,

Welcome To IMANNI Music Diaries!

Good morning and welcome to Imani Music Diaries, where we discuss mental health, music, and the music business. Hello, my name is Imani. I'm a singer-songwriter who focuses on creating music for mental health awareness.

Today we’ll be discussing a lot of awesome stuff!

MENTAL HEALTH: What it's like contacting someone on a mental health warm line and how that experience went for me...; we'll also be talking about consultation services that will be opening for IMANNI MUSIC! Additionally, I've been thinking about my diet and ways to improve it, and I'm going to share with you a few tips I learned on my journey

MUSIC: I'm looking into creating R&R Music and I want to know your opinions about this idea!

IMANNI BUSINESS: Imanni Music is trying to reach new people in various ways. Social media is a hot topic for us, especially this new concept I thought of: "Social Media as an online mall"!

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Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Warm Lines, Consultation, & Eating Right!

Recently, I had to call the warm line, which is a mental health helpline for those who are feeling depressed or experiencing other mental health issues but are not actively suicidal. I was feeling exhausted, sad, and depressed, and I needed someone to talk to. Thankfully, I got through to someone who could help me.

From my understanding, many of the people on the helpline are volunteers, so sometimes the quality of the advice may vary. This is why I decided to start these podcasts.

Here's something new too! Inspired by a conversation with a digital archivist on the team, John, I am considering offering consultation services in the future. These appointments would be 30 minutes long and provide an opportunity for individuals to chat with me. However, I want to clarify that I am not a replacement for therapy. I do have unique insights to offer due to my background in business, mental health awareness, and music. While I lack professional licenses and traditional education in the field, I have valuable experience and have been able to help people with helpful advice.

With these consultation sessions, I aim to assist individuals dealing with mental health challenges by providing advice, conducting research, and even having video chats to tackle the issues together. While it's possible to handle these challenges alone, sometimes having someone to support and guide you can be helpful in finding resolution.

I'm excited about this new endeavor and will provide more updates as I continue to brainstorm. I am unsure whether this will be a campaign or a project, but I believe it will be a great start.

Lastly, I have discovered something interesting related to food! Yum! In an effort to save money, I have been changing my diet!

Dieting and expenses are connected, sadly. I noticed that certain products, especially fruits and vegetables, are cheaper at specific times of the year, even at stores like Walmart. To analyze this further, I spent about an hour walking through Walmart, noting prices, package sizes, and estimating how long each package would last based on my current budget assumptions. This morning, for example, I packed a bigger variety of food for my usual drive to work.

Unfortunately, I sometimes feel emotional while talking about this because my finances have been challenging. Therefore, I am altering my eating habits, and food no longer brings me as much joy as it used to. However, there are still affordable options, such as ice cream, especially if it is consumed slowly or paired with other items like chocolate milk, crackers, or raisins, to make it a more substantial meal. MANY CAN YOU ADD MORE DETAILS HERE?

Helpful Link:

Living Well Spending Less

Easy Ways To Spend Less Money On Food


Let’s Talk About Music: New Project: Rest & Relaxation R&R Music

Let's talk about something: making time for relaxation.

Lately, I've been reflecting on mental health and the importance of rest and relaxation. I've had this idea to introduce a new product on my website called "R&R Music." The concept is to take songs from an album and transform them into restful and soothing music. I'm still figuring out the best approach.

Here's my initial idea: I could take one of my songs, remove the vocals, and slow down the tempo. Additionally, I could incorporate sounds of the beach or other natural elements to enhance the relaxation experience.

And just like that, voila! You'd have some peaceful R&R music to help you unwind!

If you like this idea, please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Helpful Link:

Releasing stress through the power of music


Let’s Talk About The Music Business: Social Media: The New Online Mall

Okay, it's time for us to discuss the music business!

I think I'm starting to notice something about Facebook... and this also applies to the entire meetup platform (MeetUp is an app created by Facebook).


People using Facebook is not necessarily an unhealthy activity. The healthiest way to use Facebook is for finding in person or online events to attend. Unhealthy practices of using facebook involve someone aimlessly scrolling... for hours, and hours, and hours.

Facebook is best for organizing and participating in events. Polls and surveys are particularly useful features on Facebook too. These are the two main things I can think of that Facebook is good for.

On the other end, one issue with Facebook is that people primarily use it to find freebies. They want to test out something before committing further. Even when they engage in activities that last an hour or longer, the goal for many people is to get something for free, and then move on without actually becoming a customer.


In contrast, Instagram is more like a negative space where people mindlessly consume content without realizing the impact on their lives. Do I use Instagram? Yes, I do. However, I also recognize that it has some unhealthy aspects. Instagram’s platform encourages people to scroll, scroll, … and scroll some more, instead of taking actions like commenting, adding an event to a calendar, or engaging in a Call to action for small businesses (okay that last one really only relates to me, hehe).


Social media is essentially an online mall. It functions like one and people visit social media platforms with a similar mindset as going to a mall. I'm not sure about the exact percentages, so it might be worthwhile to delve into that topic in the future (please leave a comment if you'd like an article about this!).

The atmosphere of a mall is quite comparable to that of social media. Most people visit the "mega mall" equivalents - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. YouTube is interesting because it feels more like television than anything else. However, for the purposes of this discussion, let's focus on social media in general.

If you're on social media, you need to showcase your services. It's all about promoting your service - from the titles, images, and show itself. Your descriptions should also revolve around your service, with a mention of who you are somewhere in there. However, in the context of being at a mall, the identity of the person providing the service is not truly important. With regard to your service, the focus is on what it is and how it is offered. It's also crucial for the service to be free.

Want to know more about how social media is evolving into an online mall? Leave a comment and I'll write a blog just for you!

Helpful Link:

How Social Media is Changing the Online Shopping Game

The State of Social Shopping in 2023

How Shoppers Are Using Social Media


Before You Go! Thank You!

In conclusion: Warm Lines, Consultation services, and a focus on Eating Right forms a comprehensive approach towards holistic well-being.

I'm excited about this new innovative: Rest & Relaxation (R&R) Music! Please leave some feedback about what you think down below in the comments!

Moreover, the emergence of Social Media as the new online mall underscores the dynamic shift in how we engage with various aspects of our lives, including our personal wellness and where we find new events and services.

Thank you so much for reading this blog I hoped you learned something about mental health, music, and the music business. If you did, I'm glad! Please leave a comment of your thoughts! I'm always open to new ideas.

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How does R&R music paint your mental canvas? What imagery or emotions surface as the melodies play?

  • A serene lake at dawn, reflecting calm.

  • A flourishing garden, blooming with hope.

  • A tranquil beach, easing my worries.

  • A quiet forest, whispering peace.

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