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How Music Can Heal Us

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

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Hi there you incredible burst of sunshine! Have you ever played a certain song when you're feeling sad? Maybe a song when you're alone, or angry, or tired? In my life, after reading books on the emotional and psychological connections of music, and doing experiments for myself by listening to certain songs at certain times of my life, I've found what most of you probably have too: music can heal. But how can you use music heal us better than helping us put a momentary smile on our face? How can you use music to heal, even when the song stops playing?

Lately I've been making playlists named by what emotion I want to feel when listening? Instead of "Chill Grooves" and "Saturday Night Pump" I started naming playlists "Feel Good Tunes" and "Feeling Sad". Over time, anytime I feel one of these emotions, I drop a song into the playlist. Over time, these playlists have grown into resources that have distinct nostalgic ties that allow me to not only draw on the good messages of the songs, but also draw on the memories.

In my life, these playlists have helped me from hitting rock-bottom again (being hospitalized for my mental health). That's why I think you should try this as well, especially if you suffer with a mental illness!

The goal is to provide yourself with access to musical remedies that help when life is great, and especially when its not so great. This way you can draw on both memories of good times (music you listen to when life is great), and moments of resilience (music you listen to through tough times).

This is how you can make your playlists:

  1. Ask yourself how you feel right now.

  2. Look up a song that will help you with how you feel

    1. For example:

      1. If you feel happy, what is a song that will keep that joy going?

      2. If you feel sad, what is a song that might help you release your worries?

  3. Create a playlist named the emotion you feel and add the song to it.

  4. Continue adding songs to the playlist until the playlist is filled!

  5. Listen to the songs and make adjustments as needed.

  6. After several weeks of adjusting and adding, you'll have a reliable playlist tailored to your personal needs!

*Please note: I'm not negating the importance of therapy, medication, natural remedies, support systems like friends and family, and spiritual practices (like church, temple, and more). All those elements are crucial. Music playlists may be that last puzzle piece you need for a strong toolkit of mental health resources!

So try making your own playlist today and share them in the comments below if you'd like! I hope this helps your difficult days become easier.

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At IMANNI Music, we believe in the power of music and self-expression as a means of healing and growth. I hope this article/blog was helpful!

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Remember, you are never alone. Stay connected with us, and never stop growing. We're here rooting for you and excited to see you succeed in your life journey!

Have a mentally healthy rest of your day!

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