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How to Create Your Own Mood Journal

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

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Hi awesome-sauce! Do you struggle to stay motivated to consistently write in a journal? I do too! I'm here to teach you how to Keep It Simple Silly (KISS) with a mood journal (the faster, easier way to do journaling).

Here's how you can make yours:

1. Open Google Forms and create a new form

2. Create a dropdown question that has numbers 1-10

3. Duplicate this dropdown for the following questions:

  • Depressed / Happy

  • Confused / Focus

  • Discouraged / Motivated

  • Stressed / Relaxed

  • Exhausted / Energetic

  • Stuck / Progressing

4. Last but not least, add the question "Diary Entry" with long answer response.

*And BADA-BING-BADA-BOOM, that's how you can make your new mood journal!

Here's a sample of mine:

I hope this helps you to find new ways to feel better day to day.

Why I Created My Mood Journal

After a challenging period of battling depression and emerging from a hospital stay a few years ago, I faced the struggle of getting back into daily life while also trying to communicating my mental health status to others (so that I wouldn't need to be hospitalized again...). At the suggestion of my therapist during that time, I began crafting a mental health journal. She helped me recognize the therapeutic potential of journaling for the heart and mind.

I wanted my mood journal to be special: seeking a method that could instantly signal when I was struggling. So, I designed a structured system where six specific mood-related questions were rated on a scale of 1 to 10, allowing for a maximum score of 60 and a min of 6.

Whenever my score fell at or below 30, I would immediately call a mental health hotline or warmline specific to my State (located in the US).

Through extensive testing and personal experience, this system has become a crucial lifeline, helping me stop several instances of suicidal thoughts and potentially self harming actions.

It also grants me the ability to identify patterns in my emotional well-being, enabling proactive measures to prevent further downturns. Reflecting on the week's mood journal entries, I can find new ways to improve my health the following week!

I hope this mood journal helps you as much as it has for me!

At IMANNI Music, we believe in the power of music and self-expression as a means of healing and growth. I hope this article/blog was helpful!

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Remember, you are never alone. Stay connected with us, and never stop growing. We're here rooting for you and excited to see you succeed in your life journey!

Have a mentally healthy rest of your day!

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