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How to Tackle Burnout with Balance

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

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Hi there! Do you ever get burnt out from work, binging entertainment, or pushing yourself too far? If you do, me too! Welcome to the club of people looking to put out the fires of burnout and start planting habits that help us stay out of our "danger zones".

Today, I must apologize as I'm feeling a bit stressed, to be completely honest. While other aspects of my life are going well, I can feel the weight of stress and burnout creeping in. However, I am determined to avoid burnout and strive for balance. Balance is actually the key to stopped a burnout. Burnout occurs when we push ourselves too far in one direction or another. Sometimes I burn out because I'm hyper-focused on one single thing that I believe is going to change my life, where in the end, it's just a small piece of the puzzle.

Mental health is influenced by several factors, and one significant aspect is physical health. When exploring ways to improve mental health, you often come across articles recommending exercise, healthy eating, taking care of your body, and addressing any illnesses or diseases through medical consultations. This connection between the mind and body is what behavioral therapy and cognitive therapists harp on as being essential to creating a healthy life. And they're right!

Burnout can many times be cause by us not keeping our mind and body in balance. Making sure we're physically okay (with how we eat, and how we drink, and how much we exercise, for example) and mentally okay (with how we talk to ourselves, how we prioritize, and how much we think, for example). It is crucial to keep track of both mental and physical well-being. Lately, my allergies have been making my physical well-being a nightmare. I tried to ignore the signs that I need to get a new allergy doctor and just push through, but because of my imbalance, I started burning out.

And now we're here: me dying from allergies and realizing the root of my problem: balance. So if you're experiencing this too, here's some tips that I wish I did:

  1. Recognize that your body is important. Listen to when your body gives you signs that you are not well, and prioritize making yourself well (as best you can without over-stressing)

  2. If you get burnt out, it's okay. We all make mistakes, it's how we grow. Now is the time to take a break, smile, take a deep breath, and relax. You're doing to make it! I believe in you!

  3. Keep a tracking journal (I like to use Google Forms) to monitor your physical and mental wellbeing. A simple 1-10 scale once a day does the trick for me!

  4. Write down any signs for when you're about to burn out. Everyone is different, so its important to identify your signs.

*And please remember: if you burn out frequently, changing this habit will take more than just a day or two, but possibly a week or more! I like to keep a journal to keep me motivated when making a mental health change in my life.

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At IMANNI Music, we believe in the power of music and self-expression as a means of healing and growth. I hope this article/blog was helpful!

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